The story behind the Greek myth inspired me, the founder of Arthemis, with the courage to break through the glass ceiling. The fashion industry has made the world believe that high-end products cannot be created in Mexico or capture the international market due to a lack of quality and design. For me that is the true myth.

Άρτεμις , by its original word, is the Hellenic Goddess of strength and vigor, of nature and the pristine essence. Arthemisa was born in Mexico to demonstrate that, with attention to detail and finesse, it is possible to nurture local talent to create luxury accessories.

At Arthemisa we have managed to harmonize the essence of our accessories with the nature that provides them and the human that wears them. We put the precision of Italian ironwork in dialogue with the quality and talent of Mexican design and materials. Respecting our character, we manage to innovate and create accessories of the highest quality, captivating our allies.

Here we prioritize Mexican talent in each of our production processes, guaranteeing the sophistication of our accessories, which is born long before they reach your hands.

It moves us to demonstrate to the international stage that Mexico is completely prepared to position luxury products and high-end textiles in the showcases of all the countries of the world.

"Arthemis is the myth that demystifies."