To keep your product in good condition, ARTHEMISA offers you a series of recommendations to care for it correctly:


  • Store it inside its dust cover, away from sources of heat, humidity and water.
  • Keep it away from staining denim and/or colored clothing.
  • Put your cosmetics inside a small bag to avoid spills and stains inside your accessory.
  • Avoid contact of your product with perfumes, creams, hand sanitizer, greasy or alcohol products and makeup.
  • Avoid rubbing the product against abrasive surfaces, especially leather and hardware, since by their nature they can scratch.
  • The skins can produce a color transfer, so you should take it into account if you are wearing a light-colored garment.


  • Clean the surface with a soft, slightly damp white cotton cloth.
  • With a dry cotton cloth, clean the hardware if necessary.
  • If your item gets wet, use a soft, dry cotton cloth to remove excess water.
  • Never use soap, solvents, or products that contain alcohol or other chemicals.